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These are the folks behind the scenes who work to bring exciting, informative events and programs to our area quilting community. 

2023 Officers

Shirley Hamilton - President 

Denise Carlson - VP Programs 

Beverly Douthit - VP Special Events/Workshops 

Jenae Redmond - Treasurer 

Suzanne Brazell - Secretary

Monique Smith - Director 

Larry Cartwright - Parliamentarian 

2023 Committeees

Sherrie Hunke and Karen Martin - Membership

Beverly Douthit - AccuQuilt

Vicki Moore - Sit 'n Sew

Ann Allen and Mary Lane -  PieceMakers

Becca Mikes Grier and Jennifer Baker - Friday Night Drive-In

Meg McKinney, Chair and Jenae Redmond- Retreat

JoAnn Kneynsberg and Judy Goodwin - Library

Bitsey Rodgers - Project Linus

Claire Hallman - Sunshine

Shirley Hamilton - Email

Shirley Hamilton and Sabrina Summers - Website

Suzanne Brazell - Newsletter

Ellen Anson - Property

Susan Lee - Facebook

Ann Allen and Mary Lane - Quilts of Valor

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