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Evening Star Quilt Guild - North Shelby County, Alabama

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Map is to meeting location for Guild meetings - first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm

Map is to meeting location for Sit 'n Sew, Piece Makers, and Friday Night Drive-In activities


of North Shelby County/Birmingham, Alabama


The purpose of the Evening Star Quilt Guild is to promote the love of quilts, to encourage and preserve the art of quilts and quilting and to contribute friendship, knowledge, and encouragement to others.


The guild is based out of Birmingham, Alabama and was founded in 1998. Our Guild meeting is the first Thursday of every month at First Christian Church; additionally, we have Sit 'n Sew the second Saturday of the month and quarterly PieceMakers two-day in-town retreats, both held at Valley Christian Church in Mountain Brook.


We are always trying out new ideas and opportunities to share our love of quilting, such as Friday-Night Drive-In, an after-hours sew-along to an online tutorial. Join us for any or all of these activities! Send an email request to be added to our notices and announcements. 


Membership is open to all persons interested in quilts and quilting. Visitors may attend 2 regular meetings of the Guild free. On the third attendance, dues must be paid and membership established. No person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, or handicap. The Board reserves the right to deny membership to anyone, or expel any member, if a two- thirds vote of the Board is obtained.


The amount of annual dues is $35.00. The payment of annual dues shall be due at the January meeting, and will be considered late after the February meeting.


Dues of renewing members shall be the full amount of the annual dues, regardless of the month of renewal. New members joining January to September will pay the full amount of annual dues and membership will be due again in January.  New members joining October to December will pay $15.00 and full membership will be due again in January.


We are meeting in person!

Please check newsletter for current meeting times and locations as it may vary.

Piece by Piece, made by E. Anson